Welcome to my blog! I'll admit I'm not used to writing about my life, so instead of a recollection of some distant memory I'll just make up a few questions and answer them.

Why did you make a blog?

I'd been considering creating a blog for some time now. It seemed like a good way of sharing my thoughts while gaining the catharsis that comes with expressing myself. However, I'm also a painfully reserved person, and my fear of opening up kept me from making this site earlier. I suppose what really got me to do this was seeing some of my friends make their own blogs.

What are you going to post on here?

I don't really know. Whatever I feel like posting, I guess.

How did you make this site?

I used the static site generator Hugo to make this site. The theme is Tranquilpeak. The background image is the Flow wallpaper that came with the KDE Plasma 5.19 desktop. I added a 32px-radius Gaussian blur on it using GIMP. You can check out the corresponding GitHub repo here!

How often will you update this blog?