To my fellow Americans: happy Independence Day! As we all know, July 4th, 1776 marked the birth of the United States with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. But here's my hot take for the day–we're celebrating the wrong date. (And no, John Adams nerds, I don't mean we should be celebrating July 2nd instead.) In my view, the real date of America's founding is a few years later, on May 12, 1784.

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I've been noticing something over the last few weeks–I like to crack jokes. A lot. Here are just a few examples from recent text conversations: 1 When I failed to properly read information about the school district opening back up for the next school year: "Hey, they only mentioned science and technology in our school's name, not literacy." 2 After reading a post by the principal about how we were more than our our GPAs: "Dr.

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Shreyas Mayya

Hello! I’m Shreyas. I’m currently a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, VA.