Welcome to the first entry in my libcodebusters series! In these, I’ll explain the various methods in my libcodebusters code and how they work. libcodebusters is basically a bunch of methods that allow you to encode and decode text with a variety of ciphers. I’ve made Java and Python versions of the code. The first method I’ll be explaining is that for Aristocrat encoding. The Aristocrat is a very well-known monoalphabetic substitution cipher with a few important characteristics:

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I just finished containerizing this site1, and it had me thinking. In the systems administration world, a container is a small virtual environment that can be used to run a program or service. These little things are made using templates called images. There are a few advantages to this model: Containers are pretty easy to create. They're also easy and clean to delete. They're more isolated than just running on bare metal, i.

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Welcome to my blog! I'll admit I'm not used to writing about my life, so instead of a recollection of some distant memory I'll just make up a few questions and answer them. Why did you make a blog? I'd been considering creating a blog for some time now. It seemed like a good way of sharing my thoughts while gaining the catharsis that comes with expressing myself. However, I'm also a painfully reserved person, and my fear of opening up kept me from making this site earlier.

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Shreyas Mayya

Hello! I’m Shreyas. I’m currently a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, VA.