Mother Tongue

At TJ, a large portion of the student body comes from households where English isn't the only language spoken. Their families might converse in Tamil or Telugu, Chinese or Korean1–and as a result, most of the kids from those backgrounds are fluent in their families' native tongues. It's impressive… and a bit disheartening, honestly. You see, I'm from one of those households, but I've always struggled to speak the language of my family, and it's caused me some problems.

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I just finished containerizing this site1, and it had me thinking. In the systems administration world, a container is a small virtual environment that can be used to run a program or service. These little things are made using templates called images. There are a few advantages to this model: Containers are pretty easy to create. They're also easy and clean to delete. They're more isolated than just running on bare metal, i.

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The Last Week

Today, June 26, marks 15 weeks since my first day in quarantine. For reference, that's a long time.1 Since I don't want to review Java graphics concepts (¿Qué es un búfer?), I figured I would look back on the events leading up to the closing of in-person school.2 March 6, 2020 Virginia Science Olympiad sent out an email saying that they were monitoring the situation. March 7, 2020 Southern California Science Olympiad decided to cancel their state tournament.

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I've been noticing something over the last few weeks–I like to crack jokes. A lot. Here are just a few examples from recent text conversations: 1 When I failed to properly read information about the school district opening back up for the next school year: "Hey, they only mentioned science and technology in our school's name, not literacy." 2 After reading a post by the principal about how we were more than our our GPAs: "Dr.

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Welcome to my blog! I'll admit I'm not used to writing about my life, so instead of a recollection of some distant memory I'll just make up a few questions and answer them. Why did you make a blog? I'd been considering creating a blog for some time now. It seemed like a good way of sharing my thoughts while gaining the catharsis that comes with expressing myself. However, I'm also a painfully reserved person, and my fear of opening up kept me from making this site earlier.

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Shreyas Mayya

Hello! I’m Shreyas. I’m currently a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, VA.